Envelope printing Services

Envelope printing

Branded envelops personalized and printed in different sizes and shapes help to promote your business . Most common are, A4 paper would require a C4 envelop, A5 paper would require C5 envelop. Companies may not have given their envelops much attention before but your envelop has a lot of responsibility when its delivered to your potential customer’s mail box.
We at Hues offer envelop printing services in different sizes and shapes according to your business requirements and make your envelop more professionally visible and attractive so that your potential customer can’t resist him to open it and read your message.

Different sizes option for your business needs

Flap styles


An envelope that opens on the long edge


An envelope that opens on the short edge


  • Plain face: Without window
  • Window face: Clear window on the front


  • Lick and Stick: Apply moisture to close
  • Peel and Seal: There is a plastic strip, remove and fold over to close
  • Self Seal: Pre-gummed bottom flap for ease of closure, no plastic strip, no moisture required

Internal Lining

  • Non Secretive: Plain paper is used and the envelope could be see through
  • Secretive: Internal printed pattern is applied to make it avoid see through