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Booklet making is a standard and the best way to hold your documents together. It is the easiest way to hand out your important printed material and everyone can easily read it.
Hues Design and Print can create every type of booklet making service to its customers with a best finishing quality.

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Hues Booklet Binding Options

Document binding not only keep your important documents together but also protects them from damage . we provide document binding for all your documents with a variety of beautiful colored and transparent covers. Your important business documents like company annual reports and the research papers are preserved through binding and also look presentable.
Plastic comb binding
Plastic comb binding is a cost effective solution to put your important documents together with a variety of colors to choose from. Plastic comb binding gives you the liberty to remove or add pages by simply reopening it and then close it.
Wire binding
IF you are looking for a better and more durable binding option for your documents then wire binding is the solution for you. wire binding will provide you the flexibility to rotate the pages of a book on 360 degrees but you will not be able to insert or remove the pages from the binding.
Perfect binding
Perfect binding is a best solution which can be applied to magazines, brochures and catalogues.
Saddle stitching and staple
Saddle stitching is a very popular, simple and cost effective book binding method in which folded paper sheets are put together one inside the other and then stapled through the outer fold line and clinched between the center pages. Small booklets, magazines, catalogs, menu and calendars are saddle stitched through the spine with two staples where large documents may require more staples.