Booklet Printing Services

Booklet Printing

In various business organizations booklets are being used to convey information and knowledge to the customers as well as the employees regarding the services and products they are offering. They are considered to be the effective source of conveying a message.
Booklets have been used as a regular marketing tool for several years. They can be extremely effective in sending the message to others which you want.
In order for you to share information regarding your products and services; Hues design and print provide many impressive booklet design options to choose from.
Make your content display with the assistance of our best experienced graphic designers. They will assist you get your message across with the high quality printing and finishing techniques to keep essential information looking nice and secure.

Hues Booklet Binding Options

Saddle Stitching
A book binding method in which strong wire staples are placed through the folded line of gathered sheets of paper and clinched between the centermost pages. This binding technique is also called sewing in the printing industry.
This cost effective choice is advised for documents with less than 64 pages, just to ensure they don’t become too heavy.
Hues Professional graphic designers perfectly arrange and bind your material in a way so that it looks not only presentable but also easily readable.

Side Sewing
Side stitching is a methodology of binding within which thread is employed near the spine to stitch a book along. This technique is adapted for thinner books and the attractive color thread used in the stitching makes your booklet and catalogs stand out.

Perfect Binding
A commonly used low cost professional binding method in printing industry in which pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong thermal flexible adhesive.
Organizations normally use the perfect binding method on a variety of printing projects such as manuals, catalogs, corporate reports, and thicker product brochures. Logo or title can be written on the spine as per need.
Perfect binding is a professional and attractive option for books with a heavier, laminated cover to provide durability.